Make It Macro

A one-stop space to find all of your favorite foods macro style. 

"I never felt alone with no help"

"Make it Macro came into my life at just the right moment. I have been on an up and down journey for almost 13 years struggling with my weight and how to even eat. When I joined the challenge I was completely malnourished and didn't realize it until they thought me how to eat and have a positive relationship with food. I eat more than I ever have and it is all in a healthy way. I am not over eating or under eating. That was the first thing that the amazing Ashleigh and Sam taught me. I had great success really early and then I hit the point where I struggled. 3 weeks of frustration. Ashleigh and Sam were there every step of the way holding my hand, encouraging me to keep moving forward and fighting the good fight right next to me. I never felt alone with no help. They let me cry to them and tell me to trust. Over the whole 90 days I have lost weight, inches and gained so much more. I am able to perform at higher levels in the gym, I am happy and loving myself again and I have found a lifestyle that I can work with everyday. Make it Macro is worth your time and your money. These women are amazing and can help you with your why are you in the spot you are in right now and the how to get out of it. They aren't just worried about one thing they love and worry about every aspect that affects you. I am so happy to be moving forward with them to continue my journey." - Angelia Lentini, 90-Day Challenger



"From the very beginning I was impressed with Make It Macro and the coaches! Not only did I get great information and recipes, but amazing support. Samantha and Ashleigh celebrated each and every success (no matter how small) and listened to every rough patch in the last 90 days. I was extremely skeptical on how I would do with counting macros, but after I got the hang of it, with their help, I started to lose inches and gain confidence. I even started to lift more weight and move better in CrossFit on a regular basis. I am so excited to continue on my journey with Make It Macro! It was, hands down, the best decision ever!" Nicole Clark, 90-Day Challenger

"It has already opened my eyes so much"

"I've just gotten started with Make It Macro, and it has already opened my eyes SO MUCH! Not only have I already seen results after just a month, but I have learned so much about the food I've been putting in my body and how unhealthy I was being beforehand. My food awareness has skyrocketed and I feel so content  now at the end of the day knowing I've balanced my nutrition. Sam has been an amazing coach! She's SO supportive through the ups and downs, and always gives me the perfect advice. I've never been good at 'diets', but this has been one of the easiest lifestyle changes I've made all thanks to Make It Macro!" Amber Jones, 1-on-1 Coaching Client.