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Single Serve Chicken Pot Pie


I don't watch a whole bunch of TV. But on the off chance I do, it's always sports of cooking shows. (mostly cooking shows). As I was flipping through channels at lighting speed, I heard a talk show host say his favorite lunch is rotisserie chicken pot pie made with cream of chicken. That got my wheels turning, and yesterday I threw in some ingredients and tested out this puppy! And it turned out AMAZING. Drool-worthy, I'm telling you. 

The great thing about this recipe is it can be adjusted to fit your macros. Need more protein? Add more chicken. Want to go easy on the carbs? Less veggies. I had some room for two croissants to top mine yesterday, but it could easily be made with just one. 

WIthout further ado, here's the recipe!


  • 1/2 Can cream of chicken soup. 
  • 80g rotisserie chicken (this can be adjusted)
  • 60g chopped carrot (this can be adjusted)
  • 45g peas (this can be adjusted)
  • 2 reduced fat crescent rolls (use 1 for lower carb content)


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Stir together chicken, veggies and cream of chicken soup. 
  • Place in greased ramekin 
  • Cover ramekin with crescent roll
  • Bake until roll is golden brown, about 20 minutes.*

*If the roll starts to get too brown on top but is still doughy on the bottom, cover with foil for the remaining bake time. 


Macros for my pot pie with ingredients as listed above: 397Cal/28P/47C/10F