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Pancake Breakfast Sandwich


This pancake breakfast sandwich is..

to die for. I've started making it almost every morning because it 1) fills me up and 2) comes together so quickly! 


  • 53g Buttermilk Kodiak Cake Mix
  • 1 Morning Star Sausage Patty
  • 1 Piece Wood-Smoked Turkey Bacon
  • 1 Slice American Cheese
  • Water


  • Stir water into pancake mix until desired consistency is reached. Set aside.
  • Get your bacon cooking on the stove and cook until crisp.
  • Once bacon and sausage are cooked, stack them together on a small greased pan and top with your cheese slice. Place in oven and turn your broiler on high.
  • While that's in the oven, cook your pancakes. The batter should be split in half.
  • When cheese has melted over your sausage and bacon, pull out of the oven and set in-between your two pancakes. Top with heated Walden Farms Syrup. 



Macros for the entire recipe: 380Cal/32P/36C/12F