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The Coach's Struggle


This post is a hard one to write. As coaches, we always want to put our best foot forward. We want to be the strong, unchanging presence that supports you and gives you all of the motivation you need to reach your goals. 

But some days are better than others. If I could be strong and steady all the time, believe me, I would. I would carry all of you through all of your struggles and we would all reach our goals in record time. As a coach, I feel that responsibility deeply and passionately. We care about you so much. We celebrate with your success and we feel the aches of all the bumps in the road, too. We are so invested in you guys sometimes I think we lose ourselves a little bit, too. 

When I got into competitive swimming I started to butt heads with my coach a lot. I was convinced I knew best. One day he looked at me and wrote a quote by Tom Landry on the board out on the pool deck. 

"A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so that you can be who you have always known you could be."


I stared at that quote every day for almost a year. Slowly I started to understand. 

The process doesn't always look or feel how we expect. I think we've been learning that with coaching as well. Some days I feel like I have all of the answers and I'm just the best darn example ever. But some days, I sit on my coach and eat Nutella because it's just been one of those days. 

As coaches, we are far from perfect. But our passion for you is! So although we may slip up sometimes (and you may see us eating a brownie or nutella here and there), we are fully confident in our ability to help you achieve your goals AND we understand that we're all human. You are our biggest motivators, just like we are a motivating tool for you! Our goal is to build a solid relationship with you and help give you the tools to have healthy and meaningful relationships with food and those around you. 

Keep crushing it, peeps! We are so proud.