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You Made A Promise

You see them every day. Whether its a glimps as you go about your day, or a quick look before you leave the house. This person-you've gotten accustom to the features. Same eyes, same nose, same hair that never seems to work the way you want. You've gotten really good at spotting the flaws, too. Maybe a little too much. 

It plays like a broken record over in your head. "If I could just fix this one area." "If I could just lose 10 pounds." 

If. If.

But do you see the work they're putting in? Do you recognize the persistence and commitment? The resilient spirit that hides behind those negative thoughts. They're strong. They're able. But negativity smothers them. Pushes them into a corner and tells them to sit down and wait until we're feeling better to get started. 

But don't you remember? You made a promise. Whether it was 2 days or 2 years ago when you started this journey. This time was different. This time, change is going to happen. That never negated the inevitable speed bumps or backsteps that were bound to happen along the way. It just lit the fire. And that fire wakes you up every morning with a new determination. It keeps you going when the negativity sets in.  

The fire feeds off of positivity. Just a small "you got this" nudge can send the flames higher. Lightness always drives out darkness. You made a promise. That fire isn't going to go out unless you let it. 

It's a constant battle. I'm telling you that now. But there are ways to gain an upper hand.

Every morning, when you see that face in the mirror, tell it how proud you are. You know this is hard. To be honest, this sucks. But you're trying. And today is a new day, and we're going to keep going. 

You made a promise once before. Now make me a new one. Keep going.