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Meal Prep: To Plan Or Not To Plan?

Over the years I've learned that with every lifestyle change or new eating plan people seem to be sacrificing something. With Keto you sacrifice excess carbs. With Paleo you sacrifice grains and dairy (<-- this is why I could never do Paleo. Bread and ice cream 'til I die!)

Here at Make it Macro we preach flexible dieting, which means you get to fit all of your favorite foods into your daily meal plans. But then what are we sacrificing? 


When I first started tracking, I would spend a good 15 minutes measuring out one or two things to make sure I had them down right. "I have to be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that this sweet potato is 150 grams." <-- me, every day. 

As the months have gone on, I've become more efficient in weighing and tracking my meals. But this week we're talking about something that everyone can do, beginner or professional, to help counting your macros less time consuming! 

Drum roll, please. . .

MEAL PREP! Woohoo!

As you scroll the site this week you'll notice a bunch of new meal prep additions. If you look at the breakfast tab, you'll see a ton there. As working people, we generally don't have a whole ton of time to wake up and make a balanced breakfast. That's why we want to give you different options to keep your meals interesting and fast- cause we know how boring a protein bar for breakfast can get after a few days! 

I have the luxury of working from home, so I don't always need to meal prep my breakfasts. But today we're taking a page out of my dear friend Jannae's book! She meal preps for her and her husband every weekend for the ENTIRE work week. When I approached her and asked why meal prepping is so important to help keep her on track she told me this:

"Meal Prep is one of those things that seems hard, but it's really not! The only hassle is it takes a bit of time. I typically spend about 3-4 hours every Sunday prepping meals for the next week. This includes planning what I'm going to eat every meal and then sticking to my list and only buying those groceries. This helps me stay on track because not only does it save me a lot of time (and $$), I'm also not having to figure out day of what I'm going to make for dinner that night.

I like to meal prep breakfast, lunches and snacks. This helps a TON because I work full time, and I always have food to eat while I'm there. This cuts out the need to either make a sandwich (which will leave me still hungry) or having to go out to eat which totally throws off my numbers. 

I love having meal prep because I never have to worry about trying to grab something to eat before work. It's all ready for me to grab and go. The 3-4 hours on Sunday really have me a ton of time throughout the week!"

Being prepared is so important to help keep you on track to meet your goals. If you have a huge gap in your day, its easier to say "oh forget it, I'll just stop at the gas station or Wendy's on my way home to grab something because I don't want to cook."

Being prepared also helps you be confident! You know exactly what your plan is for the day and you know you're going to crush it! Take the guess work out of macros. Plan your day! Let us help you, too! If you sign on for our monthly coaching, you have the option of receiving a tailored meal plan to fit your macros! 

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