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Macro Calculators: To Use Or Not To Use?

One of the first things you'll see when you google Macros is "MACRO CALCULATOR" pasted everywhere on your search engine. There is literally a plethora of different calculators out there where you plug in some information and it spits out some macros for you. But how accurate are these? Can we trust them? Should we? Why does this world of macros have to be so dang complicated?

I'll be the first to admit, I tried my fair share at macro calculators when I was getting started. I was looking for ANY kind of guidance I could get. I was alone and these calculators made it seem so easy! All I needed to do was enter my height and weight and BOOM. Macros. 

I stuck to my given macros for a couple of months. I was pretty good at hitting them. But I wasn't feeling any better. Nothing was really changing. Was I doing something wrong? Are these numbers even right? I had no idea. So I decided I was done with the cyber world of macros. I wanted to talk to a real human, and I wanted to talk to them NOW.

Here's the reality guys. Calculating individualized macros, adjusting to lifestyle factors and keeping tabs on a client takes time. You need to be able to talk to someone who can factor in multiple things into your numbers. When I started talking to my coach about my typical day, he was asking such in depth questions about things I didn't even consider. "Do you do Crossfit?" Well, yeah. "Okay that's awesome. You also mentioned you have dogs, do you walk them at all?" Yes, twice a day. "Do you cook three meals a day or do you eat out? How's your water intake?" Come to find out, I was in TOO MUCH of a caloric deficit. I wasn't fueling my body enough. My coach came back with my new numbers and upped every single one of my categoeries. More protein, more carbs and more fat. 

All of these questions were SO helpful in calculating my new numbers. As soon as I started hitting them more consistently, I started to notice massive changes. Not only was the weight coming off, but I felt better. I could run longer. Lifts were getting heavier. My SKIN was clearing up?? All of these things started happening and I finally found the love for macros. 

August 1 2017/February 2018

August 1 2017/February 2018

Here at MakeItMacro (can we abbreviate this to MIM?). We are so passionate about giving you the advice and guidance you need to hit your goals. Need someone in your corner every day giving you daily advice? Monthly coaching is your best bet. Need a good platform where you can learn, practice and ask us questions for a few months? Sign up for our 90 day challenge! Or maybe you're like me and just need to talk to a real human for a second to tell you what the crap your macros should be. We do that, too! We offer one time macro sets that help point you in the right direction and then send you on your way. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

And as always, remember: this is a process. Macros are a lifestyle change. Getting your numbers is the beginning of an awesome journey. But it's not a one-stop-shop. You have to recommit every day. This is a grind. Health always is. But, we're here for you! And we can't wait to see you succeed. 

Love always,