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The Cheat Foods You've Craved For An Hour, Or The Body You've Craved For A Lifetime.

It’s bullshit.

I’m sorry, but it totally is.

Those thoughts ran through my head while sitting in the bathroom at dinner this last weekend. Hung right above me in the womens restroom was a sign that read the above. “The cheat foods you’ve craved for an hour, or the body you’ve craved for a lifetime?” With a picture of a burger on one side and a salad on the other.

This restaurant shall remain nameless. But they profess “healthy” meals filled with protein. That’s cool. Let’s get some gainz. I support that! But this sign totally derails everything I have ever tried to teach my clients.

Food is FOOD. It fuels our body. The great thing about macros is it gives you the knowledge of what foods work best for YOUR body. And it also teaches you that you can make any kind of food you’re craving fit in one way or another. So, excuse me, silly restaurant, I can have a donut and get the “body I’ve been craving.” Thank you very much.

The worlds view and relationship with food is so timultuous these days. It’s a constant battle of “stay away from this food!!” and “only do juice cleanses!!” while “shedding 30 pounds in 15 hours by trying this ONE trick!"

These things bother me. They bother me because they capitalize on a “quick fix".” for people who want the easy or convenient way out. Or, honestly, the hard way. 99% of diets fail because we burn out. We feel restricted, cave, binge eat, and give up. It’s not a sustainable way to live.

I feel like life is about finding a healthy balance for fueling our body and fueling our soul. Sometimes a burger just hits the spot. And it’s not going to derail all of our progress in one meal. Sure, if we’re having a burger for every meal every day that’s a bit of a problem. Its just about BALANCE. All things in moderation!

When ever I have a client sign up, I always give them tips on how to make their favorite foods fit into their numbers. It’s doable. Sometimes we have to adjust serving sizes, or eat around that meal a little, but the concept that we have to live in this constant state of sacrifice to achieve our goals is ludicrous.

New goal for the rest of 2018: gonna smash my goals AND the food I love!

What are your favorite foods? Do you have any you’d like to fit into your numbers but you can’t quite get it? Let us know! We’d love to help!